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GOLD AWARD & best of show


Nature’s elements




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Tropic Planners & Landscape was honoured to be the implementing partner for Kazuho Inohana & Yousuke Yamaguchi, celebrated designers from Japan.  The ccompetition piece was enhanced by the designer's fusion of styles, skills and impeccable attention to details honed from years of practice. 

The design was realised in a relatively small given area, through the creation of pockets of space and featuring different elements at every angle. Tropical plants suited for Singapore's hot and humid climate were used strategically to emulate the feeling of being abroad in the cool calmness of Japan in a sustainable manner.


Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Silver Award (Design, Construction & Implementation)


Vincent Chia was honoured to be selected to represent LIAS to take part in the Landscape Garden category at the Singapore Garden Festival 2014. This enchanting landscape garden demonstrates that dreams are possible. It is a manifestation of the real living world where plants and animals can co-exist in perfect harmony with mankind.

When one walks into the tranquil landscape garden, the visitor will be captivated by the view of golden-bronze Star Apple trees, an array of vibrantly coloured shrubs and a water feature against a uniquely designed building. The trees and other star-related plants are a symbolic representation that stars are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. An inverted Fig tree with step-like branches adjacent to the building represents the imaginary stairway to heaven. A corner of Licuala palms and orchids adds biodiversity to the garden.

 Mesmerising dream gardens like this make our little red dot an amazing city in a beautiful garden.

SGF2014_L04_SG_VincentChia [Silver] 1.jpg

Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Gold Award (Construction & Implementation)

GOLD AWARD - Construction & Implementation


Tropic Planners & Landscape was honoured to be the implementing partner for Sarah Eberle, a renowned landscape designer from the UK. The project, aptly named “Continental Drift” was an exciting visual exhibit that addresses environmentalconcerns by investigating varying landscapes from around the world.

The layered landscape transits from the dry and exposed arid landscape of the upper roof, to the cool, partially shaded temperate landscape of the middle roof and finally to the humid sub-tropics on the ground level.


Singapore Garden Festival 2010

Silver Award (Construction & Implementation)

BRONZE - Construction & Implementation


 Tropic Planners & Landscape was the Implementation partner for the Canadian designers Robert Boltman & Alex Bartlett.The design acknowledges that even the world’s largest shipping container destination may be shaped by change and forces beyond its control. Faced with change, we have to choose how we will adapt to meet the demands of a new reality. A smaller, greener world economy may demand that we find ways to reinvent ourselves.

Old, abandoned, obsolete shipping containers are positioned opposite the newly repurposed container playhouse illustrating the stark contrast of the effects of our decision to remain as we are or change to meet the demands of the future. In the end, regardless of our decision, the beauty of nature shall persist and reclaim anything that we will leave behind.