Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of services that caters to all aspects of landscape design and construction:

Master Planning

Our master planning service translates our client’s vision into reality. We put great emphasis on achieving design quality that is responsive to our client’s needs, existing environments and enhances the quality of life.  We ensure that the landscape that we create have a clear narrative and are useable, maintainable, bio diverse and sustainable.  

Landscape Design

We are devoted to seamless and well-designed aesthetics that dramatically changes and improves work places, schools or homes, making each space more habitable. We also necessarily tailor-fit all elements for proper care and a comfortable feel.

We specialize in commercial and residential landscaping which are exceptional and practical at the same time.

Design & Build

We are your one-stop landscapist, accommodating you from consultation and assessment, conceptual design phase to final plan phase. This is where implementation takes place; thorough site clearance, soil preparation, turfing, seeding and planting, construction to total completion.

Project Implementation

We are experienced and well equipped to successfully implement any commercial and residential landscape designs and plans.

Landscape Services

  • Maintenance

It is important for us to ensure the overall health and condition of your landscape, we at Tropic Planners provides labor and expertise in nurturing gardens and repairing extensively damaged trees and shrubs caused by natural or unusual forces.

Maintenance includes skilled tree cutting and pruning, soil enhancement, water and irrigation management, fertilization, plant replacements and pest control management.

Our maintenance program is also customised according to client and site requirement.

  • Plant Sourcing

We specialise in sourcing, selecting and transporting quality plants to our customers. Our quality plant materials, from seedlings, ground covers, shrubs, and trees to natives, are sourced from a wide range of quality growers throughout the globe.

  • Interiorscape & Displays

We offers long term interiorscape for commercial spaces, as well as flora display and plant rental for short-term display in events.

  • Arboriculture

We are your partner in maintaining safe and healthy trees. Our certified arborists diagnose and recommend treatments to protect your trees.