Vincent Chia, Chief Executive Officer of Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte. Ltd.

Vincent Chia, Chief Executive Officer of Tropic Planners & Landscape Pte. Ltd.

A driven entrepreneur and founder of this company, Vincent Chia started off in this landscaping industry from humble beginnings in 1998.

Armed with his passion in creative landscaping and a Diploma from the then School of Horticulture, he worked as a Horticulturist with Belt Collins International before deciding to start a new company in 2001 to transform his vision into reality. With just a handful employees when the company first started, to a strong team of over 100 professionals today, managing estates in multiple parts of the country; Vincent has proven his capabilities in moving the company forward and will continue to do so, by being in the pivotal position of the company and rendering his invaluable experiences on landscape project management and implementation.

Under his guidance, the company has won countless landscape awards and received numerous prestigious accolades.

As a charismatic leader, he motivates his entire team to work alongside him tirelessly in many landmark landscape shows and projects, e.g. Singapore Garden Festivals (SGF) which mark the epitome of landscaping in Singapore. In 2010, his display, “A Way Forward”, brought home the first Singapore Garden Festivals award for the company, paving the way for future awards and growth.

In 2012, Tropic was the implementing partner for Sarah Eberle, a renowned UK designer. The display, “Continental Drift” clinched a Gold award in the show.

By winning a Gold award in the Turnkey category of the LIAS awards 2013, Vincent guaranteed his spot as a designer represent Singapore in the Singapore Garden Festival 2014. His entry ‘Heaven on Earth’embodies his passion for horticulture & gardening, bringing recognition from the international panel of judges to the company.

2015 marks a new milestone for the company as Vincent brought home a 2nd Runner-up Award in the Home Garden category in the Gardening World Cup Flower Show held in Japan. This is a prestigious flower show which features the works of designers from more than 30 countries. This award represents the first overseas award for the company.

The team continued to strive under the leadership of Vincent and clinched Best of Category and Gold Award at 2017’s LIAS Awards of Excellence as well as Best of Show and Gold Award at 2018’s Singapore Garden Festival.

Since then, Vincent has taken the team to the international stage, branching into different regions, collaborating with new partners, participating in projects and competitions from around the world. He encourages the team to challenge themselves to strive towards greater heights and appeal to a wider range of audience.